Welcome to the MCN Press Terms and Conditions that manage the use of our portal. These terms will be effective and applied the moment you access the portal and you are deemed to have accepted, agree and abide by it. Kindly refrain from using the site if you disagree with any of them.

Feel free to reach us via our contact us page, if you have any queries regarding the T&C. Our team is forever on its toes to assist you.

1) Parental Guidance

All users under 18 are directed to receive their guardian’s consent for taking part in any activity pertaining to the use of the portal such as contributing, commenting, etc.

2) Accessing and Using our Portal

MCN Press reserves the right to amend, suspend, discontinue or withdraw any part of the portal without notifying users nor are we accountable if the website is under construction, and unavailable thereof, at any point in time, regardless of how long or short the duration is. It is obligatory upon you to familiarize anyone with these Terms and Conditions who are accessing the Portal through your internet connection or device.

3) Laws and Jurisdiction

All disputes or claims will be referred to the American Courts as our Rule of Conduct, Terms and Condition, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer are exclusively and strictly interpreted and governed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America.

4) Limitation of Our Liability to You

MCN Press doesn’t take guarantee of the following scenarios:

1. We can not claim for the authenticity of news stories inspired or cited from other news media or agency.

2. We cannot vouch for the veracity or content of comments or replies posted by users in procuring, collecting or delivering information.

3. If there is a delay, interruption or postponement in delivery of the information.

4. Any edits, flaws or inaccuracies recognized in the news stories no matter how they are caused.

5. A decision, action or contract made based upon the information provided.

If you face any problems, issues or concerns that arise from the use of our portal; be it physical, mental, technical or the like thereof, then we urge you not to use it.

5) Intellectual Property Rights

MCN Press reserves all the materials and intellectual property rights that constitute the portal apart from the content you produced.

6) Restrictions

Visitors are restricted from specifically from the following:

i) Plagiarising our content in any other media.

ii) Committing any malicious practices that pose a technological threat to the portal or impact user experience or cause damage to any person or entity such as transmitting viruses, worms etc

iii) Indulging in any sort of data extracting, data harvesting, data mining or similar activity.

iv) Sub-license, sell or use our portal material for commercial purposes.

v) Infringe the applicable rules and regulations that govern our site or violate the rights of third-party) Omit, hide, or modify ours or third-party’s trademarks, copyright notes, or other proprietary rights notices.

vii) Disassemble, decompile, copy, reverse engineer or adapt any software, code or script which constitutes our portal.

viii) Using our portal in a way that interrupts or restricts the access or use by other users.

7) Our Content

Although we try our level best to deliver up-to-the-mark information of the highest quality, we can’t vouch for its cent percent authenticity. We and our licensors own all the material, copyrights, trademarks, logos, patents, domain names, and other intellectual property rights the use of which without a license, be it commercial or non-commercial, is considered an offense. Feel free to contact our team at [email protected]  if you wish to use or reproduce any of our content.

8) Your Content

i) By posting your content in comments you render MCN Press a worldwide irrevocable, non-exclusive, and sub-licensable license to use, publish, reproduce, translate, adapt and distribute it in any legitimate way.

ii) Any content you post must be original without violating any third-party’s rights or rules.

iii) If deemed essential, we have the right to remove any or part of your content at any time without notice.

9) Indemnification

In case of a violation of any term, you hereby agree to compensate MCN Press or its agents or the third-parties to the maximum, from and against all expenditure, demands, liabilities, costs, damages, and losses incurred as a result thereof.

10) Severability

A term will be considered null and void immediately if it contradicts any applicable law

11) Log-in Details

As it goes without saying, you are expected to maintain the confidentiality of your user ID, password and any other high-profile data by never disclosing it to a third-person. Similarly, hacking or gaining even permitted access to our portal from a third person account is considered an illicit act. In such circumstances, we can take any legal action and suspend or disable your account.

12) Privacy

Maintenance, usage, and storage of your personal data provided is subject to our Privacy Policy. Click here to learn more.

13) Commenting

All audiences are free to comment in our news stories to voice their opinion or concerns only in a manner that strictly does not infringe, impedes or inhibits anyone else’s use, rights and enjoyment of this site. Harassing, distressing, confusing or humiliating another person; spreading obscene or offensive content or disrupting the flow of conversation within this site is strictly forbidden.

14) Contributions

i) Pitching in your contribution, ultimately grants MCN Press your approval to use the material free of cost in any media internationally and in whatever way it deems appropriate, including (but not limited to) amending and adapting it for operational and editorial purposes and sharing it with other prominent news websites and trustworthy third parties.

ii) You exclusively hold the Copyrights of your article which ultimately allow you to use it in any way you want.

iii) You hereby, assure that your contribution reflects originality and is not defamatory, derogatory or offensive in any way.

15) Consequences of Violating Rules

In case of a breach of any of the above terms, our Disciplinary Committee may take decisive measures to terminate further breach. This may include informing and involving the appropriate and authoritative third-parties such as your employer, institution or family.

For any reason and without revealing the cause of such an action, we hold the right to delete any contribution or taking legal action against any user at any point in time.

16) Changes to our Terms

Make sure to visit this page frequently to get yourself updated with the variations as the provision of these terms are governed and comply with the ever-evolving American Laws. Therefore, amendments are made without notifying and are instantaneously applicable.

If a court or jurisdiction rules out any term or part of it to be illegal or unenforceable, it will be rendered invalid, without affecting rest of the terms which shall remain in effect.

17) Implementation 

It’s mandatory upon you to adhere to these Terms and Conditions as soon as you use our portal. However, any failure or delay on our part to implement or enforce any right in these terms does not imply a waiver.