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The lack of well-researched, reliable news, led to the dire need of a high caliber, and credible online news portal. It wasn’t long before that this realization took the form of MCN Press – the foundation of which was laid on the principles of building an information bridge to link civil society, international institutions, policy-makers and individual readers to pave the way for a new world-wide information order.

Global Perspective. Global Coverage!

Since its inception, the MCN Press is always at the forefront of real-time breaking news and profound global multimedia content. Added to this, the pace at which the young agency is evolving and innovating to meet the expectations of its readers is truly remarkable.

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Over the course of time, we have undoubtedly proved ourselves to be an inevitable part of the fabric of American life- struggling for truth and dignity, bringing millions of readers informed coverage of the most influential world events- from trending headlines, pictures, analysis, opinion, sports and celebrity gossips to weather updates, horoscopes, competitions, sudoku, bingo and much more. You name it!

Today, our relentless dedication has not only made a mark amongst global audiences but have successfully set unparalleled standards of journalism.

Our Vision

“We strive to achieve much more than a mere news portal. We aspire to become a leading Instigator. An Entertainer. An Inspiration. An Inevitable Part. Uniting People in the Supreme!”

It is our team’s singular goal to become the most trusted news agency by the people, for the people- meeting their expectations at all times, at all costs. We craft and disseminate information in the most accurate, speedy, fair and objective manner possible and intend to experiment, produce and create new solutions that encourage an ongoing dialogue about communication and development for a better world.

Our Mission

Committed To Provide Informed, Impeccable Journalism That Outshines All!

We adhere to the undeniable reality that awareness is elementary in bringing forth a change. Pinpointing flaws in the system is a prerequisite for lifting communities out of poverty and marginalization. Therefore, MCN Press endeavors to act as a communication channel to create a climate of understanding, accountability, and participation between nations in the best of their interests. 

To achieve this end, we take utmost care to articulate only those stories and processes that affect individuals and communities while making it simpler for readers of all ages and background to discover who we are and what we believe in.

Our Team

Our team of qualified Journalists and proficient Web Moderators is the enduring force behind MCN Press. Their strong result focus, deep intuitive understanding of reader preferences and choice combined with their zeal and enthusiasm have played an instrumental role in our success.

Information. Emotion. Opinion.

With their roots deeply soiled in the American culture, they have to their credit a rich media experience. Their distinguished capability to spot new trends, introduce innovative concepts and explore news-worthy ideas have been pivotal in conceptualizing and developing MCN Press into a brand with substantial global impact.

Our Values

Authentic. Dedicated. Trusted.

We are a proudly conservative newspaper on the center-right of world politics which campaigns and crusades for causes close to our readers’ heart above any political party or movement. Our core Loyalty WAS, IS and WILL Always be towards our Readers. 

As such, it is our team’s guiding principle to report the news with a distinctly American perspective that celebrates knowledge, supports progress, deep dives into society with simplicity and accuracy. Our ideology and nationalistic fervor to stand true to democracies across the world and hold those in authority to account, make us one step ahead of the competition.

MCN Press: An Emerging Voice for a Better World!