Flights Diverted As Toxic Smog Reduced Visibility In Delhi


Delhi: Smog in Delhi have become a major issue for every citizen living in the capital. Flights to and from Delhi’s  Indira Gandhi International Airport delayed and rerouted massively after the toxic smog reduced the visibility.

According to tweet made by airline carriers, the flights are being diverted to delayed due to very low visibility. Some flights are being rescheduled while some have been suspended.

US Embassy in Delhi which measures the the smog levels independently reported that the the reading have hit 810 micrograms on Sunday morning which is an all time high. Such levels are highly hazardous for human health and can cause a lot of health problems. According to World Health Organization, daily levels up to 25 micrograms are safe, but level above 25 micrograms are hazardous for health.

Politicians have now started a massive blame game for such poor air condition. Air pollution in several parts of Delhi have readings crossing the maximum limit of 999 micrograms. The citizens have now been advised to stay inside their homes or use masks while going out.

Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejrival, who had announced a plan to restrict the vehicle movement of in Delhi for next two weeks have blamed the neighboring states of Haryana and Punjab for causing air pollution by burning crops leading to increase in toxic smog enveloping the city.

Arvind Kejrival tweeted on his twitter account blaming the neighbouing states, he mentioned in his tweet that “Pollution has rched unbearable levels across N India. Del govt taken many steps. Delhiites hv made many sacrifices.”

The current air pollution of Delhi is the most harmful type of air pollution having capability of causing heart attacks and severe respiratory problems.

According to analysts, the hazardous level of smog will continue to grow in the days to come. Government needs to take major steps to tackle this air pollution problem especially in Delhi.

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