Judge Getting Threats After Saying Teenager in Rape Case Was From ‘Good Family’

Judge Getting Threats After Saying Teenager in Rape Case Was From ‘Good Family’

The New Jersey judge, James Troiano, is getting life threats from the public after he urged leniency of a teenager who is accused of sexual assault. The judge said that the accused boy belongs to a noble family. His opinion is getting a lot of criticism from across the country.

Petitions are circulating with the demand of resignation from him and a protest has also been scheduled by the public later this week.

Judge Troiano’s comments created a buzz, and people from all parts of the country showed their anger on his unfortunate remarks. This angry response has put a question mark on the lengthy three-decade career of the Judge on the bench.

The boy was accused of sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl in 2017 when he was drunk. He also recorded the video of the incident and shared it with his friends by stating that “When your first time is rape.”

However, the appellate court issued a 14-page ruling, which was also a warning to Judge Troiano against his biasedness toward privileged teenagers. After this ruling, now the case would be presented to a grand jury to weigh whether to indict the boy on the sexual assault accusation.

As a result of the irresponsible statement, Judge Troiano, his 40-year-old wife Debbie, and his son Matthew James Troiano are receiving threats in the form of emails and phone calls from strangers.

A strange man’s email shared with The New York Times, stated that, “The whole country, including your fellow judges and judges superior to you, are telling you that you’re a bigot and a detriment to this country,” read one email, shared with The New York Times, that included the hope that a family member be raped, “by a man stronger than you.”

However, according to legal analysts, Judge Troiano was not necessarily arguing that the 16-year-old accused boy be excused. According to them, the decision should be judged in a trial court.

An attorney expert in sex offense law, James H. Maynard said, “Family background is directly in issue, as any psychologist will confirm,” He further added, “Because the family context, support, and participation are relevant, and important, in juvenile sex-offender treatment.”

Cory Booker, a US Senator from New Jersey stated that, “Not only should this judge no longer serve — as he is clearly incapable of properly fulfilling his duties — but across the country, we must call out bad actors in the system, exposing their biases, and show women and survivors that we will doggedly pursue justice on their behalf.”

Nonetheless, a court spokesperson refused to comment on whether Judge Troiano was under any sort of investigation or review. But the petitions and response of the general public have grabbed the attention of the authorities associated with the court of law.


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